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Get Set Learn and TinkRworks Collaboration

GetSetLearn & TinkRworks

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The Learning Platform, promoted by the iconic Arvind Mafatlal Group, and has over 100 years of legacy, aims to be the most trusted partner and support system of schools. It provides solutions in the form of utility products, services, courses and other learning resources.

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TinkRworks is a USA based company that provides hands-on projects and experiential learning solutions to schools and students . TinkRworks provides STEM education in K8 and is focused on experiential, multidisciplinary learning, with the aim of transforming learners into innovators.

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GetSetLearn and TinkRworks Synergy
We are happy to announce our collaboration with TinkRworks. This synergy aims at bringing STEM learning to students in a fun, convenient and practical way which fills the gap between fundamental knowledge provided by schools and the real-world application of that knowledge.

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to learning where academic concepts are taught together with real-world lessons



Team GetSetLearn and TinkRworks are coming together at a time when National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is bringing about revolutionary changes in education in India. STEM is an area of special attention under NEP 2020 (Sections 4.24 and 4.25 of NEP). Preparing 21st Century citizens through constructive approaches of learning is the thrust of the education policy.


Why TinkRworks?

The TinkRworks STEM Education Program for K8 fits perfectly into the tenets of NEP 2020. Every project that the student does with TinkRworks aspires to:

  • Foster a love of creation within the students
  • Focus on enhancing students’ problem-solving capabilities through the combination of TinkRwork’s curriculum, hands-on kits, coding environment and the learning platform which has assessments, worksheets, teacher activity guides, etc
  • Reinforce and expand concepts and ideas taught in schools
  • Encourage self-expression in every project that is discussed
  • Transform learners into innovators

The TinkRworks Advantage


Leadership Team

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    CEO of GetSetLearn

    Ameet Zaverii

    A seasoned Serial Entrepreneur having founded and co-founded companies in the B2C Ecommerce, Mobile Education and Consumer Internet space over the last 18 years. Ameet has been working with the finest minds globally, building high-impact products and services used by millions of customers, winning global awards including the Global Mobile Awards, among others and raising growth capital from marquee investors. Ameet serves as Lead at Yuwaah-Generation Unlimited, a UNICEF-initiated idea, and a mentor and investor in multiple companies.

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    Co-founder and CEO of TinkRworks

    Dr. Anu Mahajan

    Dr. Anu Mahajan is the co-founder and CEO of TinkRworks, an orgnanisation focused on providing exceptional STEM programs for our children that allow them to reinforce and augment foundational concepts taught by our wonderful and dedicated school teachers. Academically, Dr. Mahajan has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and an M.B.A. Prior to TinkRworks, Dr. Mahajan led innovation teams at Owens Corning and served in senior executive roles in a couple of different healthcare companies. Dr. Mahajan also spent several years in the world of management consulting, including time with Mckinsey & Company where he focused on serving high-tech clients and also clients who used “big data analytics” to make decisions. Outside of work, Dr. Mahajan loves to spend time with his wife and two kids, most notably on Sunday mornings watching Formula 1 Grand Prix races and cheering on Scuderia Ferrari.

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    Co-founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer

    Gil Levendel

    Gil is the co-founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer of TinkRworks. As a child, Gil loved building. He often stacked wood blocks into tall, complex structures (which his older sister would invariably topple, probably on purpose). He also built all sorts of self-designed contraptions using Lego Technics parts, often sending instant photos of his models to Lego for their review and hoping for their inclusion in a future Lego set. One day when he was playing with his Legos, his older sister came home from school with an assignment that required help. As their dad and she worked together, Gil observed their interaction and immediately became interested in the subject matter- computer programming.

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GetSetLearn and TinkRworks look forward to bringing STEM learning to your school.